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    48 Hours in Porto - Portugal
    Weekend Trip Itinerary

    48 Hours in Porto - Portugal <br>Weekend Trip Itinerary
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    Thinking about spending a weekend in Porto? We've got you covered with a 48-hour trip itinerary that will have you walking around Porto like a local. From savory Portuguese tapas, to eating the best pasteis de nata, and a recommendation of all the sites to see, you will fall in love with the colourful city of Porto.

    Moving to Barcelona
    (Part 2)

    Moving to Barcelona <br> (Part 2)
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    Leaving off from Part 1 - I’ve landed, and just laid my head down for my first sleep in the city. It was all kind of a rush during my first few days in Barcelona. I was running from appointments to apartment viewings, all while trying to become 100% legal in the city. Read how I managed to do it all so quickly.

    Moving to Barcelona
    (Part 1)

    Moving to Barcelona <br>(Part 1)
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    8 years. That’s how long I’ve been dreaming, and working towards this goal of living in Spain again. And on April 24th 2018, I manifested that dream and moved back to Barcelona. Let’s start from the beginning…

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