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Travel Resources

Stepabroad | Working Holidays &
International Internships

Stepabroad | Working Holidays & <br>International Internships
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Are you a Canadian between the age of 18 and 35 with a valid Canadian passport and looking for an incredible experience abroad but not sure where to start, or intimidated by the administrative process of applying for visas? Look no further! Learn about Stepabroad and their amazing programs and support services.

Travel Diaries

Intermission in Kenya:
one month paid leave from work

Intermission in Kenya: <br>one month paid leave from work</br>
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For 1 month, I had the extraordinary opportunity to travel as a solo female across Kenya. This is a story of pivoting plans, ticking off bucket list items, and some self discovery.

Moving to Barcelona
(Part 5)

Moving to Barcelona <br>(Part 5)
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My 2-year anniversary has come and gone. Today I'm sharing some deeper life lessons that living abroad has taught me, and I also encourage you to take your own big leap in whatever you're working towards.

LOKATE Podcast

Episode 004: I am where I am, because of her
(Interviewing my Mom)

Episode 004: I am where I am, because of her <br>(Interviewing my Mom)
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On Episode 4, I interview my Mom to unpack where I get my inspiration and bravery to live abroad. She shares her story where you'll quickly learn why my move to Spain in 2018 was nothing compared to that of an international move in the late 70's.

Episode 003: Landing in Spain and
the Truths about being Remote

Episode 003: Landing in Spain and <br>the Truths about being Remote
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On Episode 3, I sit down once again with Elaisha Jade but this time, we are chatting from my apartment in Barcelona as I have officially moved to Spain! We talk about my transition, the ups as well as the downs and not so glamorous moments of living abroad.

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