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Each time I told someone I was going to be traveling to Prague for the weekend, almost every single person would say “Prague is BEAUTIFUL” …. “It’s my favorite city in Europe” … “You’re going to LOVE it”. Needless to say, it had high expectations to live up to. And definitely lived up to the hype!

Prague is indeed BEAUTIFUL. Walking around the city is like living a Bohemian dream. The stunning architecture, cobble stone winding roads, picturesque bridges over the river and a castle in the distance, it’s Europe done right. Located in the exact center of Europe, it’s a country with a complex past, friendly people, delicious food, and amazing architecture. If you’re traveling to Prague for the weekend, this post details what you should stay, see, do, eat and drink - enjoy!

Please note that when I traveled to Prague, it was mid-February, which is why there are a few mentions of mulled wine in this post!



Where to Stay

We stayed in New Town across from the Karlovo námestí Park in an Airbnb that was about 10 minutes walking distance to the Old Town Square and around the corner from the Dancing House. We paid about 60 euros for the whole weekend for an entire apartment to ourselves. This Airbnb was really well located in the city. Easy to walk to all the main attractions and only a 25 - 30 min Uber ride to the Airport!


What to See and Do


Do a Prague Walking Tour (I recommend Sandemans a tip based tour company), it's the best way to get to know the city. These tours usually cover the Old Town, New Town and the Jewish Quarter. The history of Prague and the Czech Republic is fascinating and complex! It’s a big history lesson. The one thing that my friend and I didn't feel like we got our money worth from was Sandeman's Prague Castle Tour.

The Metronome


Located at top a hill in Letna Park, the Metronome of Prague offers stunning views of the city. This area carries interesting history as it was the site where a former Stalin statue was blown up and replaced by a Metronome that hasn’t swung in years.

Prague Castle


Beautiful and massive but don’t pay for a guide. Use Google to learn about the facts of the castle grounds and just walk around, it’s free to enter the grounds - however to go in some of the buildings, please note that they have a cost. If you want to check out the cathedral, be warned of long lines.


There are beautiful views at the top of the Castle Grounds, and on your way down stop at the oldest Czech Vineyard and sip on some mulled wine while taking in the incredible views!

Walk along the river


Buy some mulled wine as you leave Old Town and stroll south along the river at the golden hour and head towards the Dancing House. The views and contrast of the buildings are breath taking.

The Dancing House


A stark contrast from the classical architecture you’ll see throughout Prague. The Dancing House received its name because it’s suppose to resemble a pair of dancers. The style of the house is known as “deconstructivist” or “new-baroque”.

Astronomical Clock Tower


A clock that not only tells the time, but blend in astronomy and astrology! Every hour the bells chime and little figurines pop out their heads from small doors on the upper part of the clock. Be warned LOTS of tourists here walking to take photos in front of the famed clock. Our tour guide mentioned this was the 2nd most underwhelming attraction in Europe (after the Mona Lisa) - I thought it was pretty cool, but I can get why some people would think it’s underwhelming.


Old Town Square


This is the center of Prague and where most walking tours start from. There are multiple churches, towers, restaurants and food vendors here. It’s a great place to grab some street food, people watch, and use as a central meeting point.

Walk across the Charles Bridge

Lined with carved statues, and home to many artists and musicians, strolling along this bridge is a perfect post-Prague castle tour activity.

St Nicolas Church

Take a peek inside this stunning church and look up! The dome is beautifully painted and features some stunning chandeliers.


What to Eat and Drink

Definitely try Czech Food!

For Czech food we tried several dishes which included a lot of sausage, beef, potatoes, bread dumplings and cheese. But make sure you definitely try:



Svíčková - It's a Czech meat dish and one of the most popular Czech meals. It is a steak dish with vegetables, and boiled with double cream - sounds weird but it's delicious - and then served with bread dumplings.

Prague Ham - It's a type of brine-cured, stewed, and mildly beechwood-smoked boneless ham originally from Prague in Bohemia. It's delicious and be commonly found in the street food stalls during the winter months!

 Quick note - most places only take cash, so come prepared, or always make sure to ask before ordering anything!

Non-Czech Food

  • Johnny Pizza (delicious pizza, in a little hole in the wall place)


The Cash Only Bar has hot dogs and fancy cocktails. I definitely recommend getting the hot dogs! If you’re going to Hemingway, make sure you call ahead to make a reservation, this bar gets very busy on weekends and makes excellent cocktails. It's also been named one of World's 50 Best Bars!

Biggest Recommendation


Walk everywhere you go! Prague is an incredibly walkable city, and trust me, you’ll want to walk. Each street you turn down is an absolute dream. The city is very well-preserved as it was not bombed during the World Wars, so it still has original architecture from its very complex past.

Enjoy your weekend and soak up as much history and culture as you can. Oh, and don’t forget your camera! It’s a beautiful city you’ll definitely want to capture it through as many snaps as possible!


Have you been to Prague before? If so, share your favorite sights and/or memories below in the comments!


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